Winter Blankets

I arrived at THO yesterday at about 3:00 pm it was below freezing in the house but with no thermometer I can only guess that the temperature inside the house was exactly the same as the car told me -3 degrees.

I turned on the propane camp heater and also lit a gel fireplace can that I placed on a sheet of salvaged marble.  These are about $5. (Canadian funds) and work very well to heat a space fast… as long as you are very careful with the 6 inch high flames.  In an all wooden house I keep mine a couple of feet away  from the wall unless I am right beside it.

Canned heat

After everything was turned on, I left the house to let it heat while I went to the city to pick up a few items and join my friend G for dinner.

When we left I found that it had been snowing so the drive home on the rural roads was treacherous.  When I arrived the canned heat was empty and the propane cylinder had run out but the place was significantly warmer… see this on the new thermometer.

51 degrees!  Woot!

When I woke the propane was still working and the temperature was exactly the same.  Outside there was a clear change from the night of snow.  See?

Snow at Tiny House Ontario

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3 thoughts on “Winter Blankets

  1. Tim Goertz

    Don’t know if you ever got your wood finishing project done yet or not on your cabinets. A good wood for inside is long leaf yellow pine which is a denser grain, more like antique heart pine. You can also purchase up your way some real nice re/purposed barnwood that is re-sawn to the thickness and size you need. The yellow leaf pine I would sand to the smoothness you wish, using a natural bristle brush completely cover ea. board with a white oil base stain, wait 2-3 minutes then wipe off with a rag going in the direction of the grain, let completely dry, then using another nat. brist. brush completely cover in an oil base poly.. Keep repeating this process (keep track of length of time & number of coats untill desired results are achieved) Needless to say do this on small pcs. as you experiment, and do it outside because of fumes. This will produce a nice antique white wash finish. If you decide on antique heart pine or re/sawn barnwood sand to desired smoothness, using a nat. bristle brush cover with several thin coats of clear oil base poly, allowing it to dry between coats.
    The Mexican painted sink vessels are quite durable if fired and not air dried. Otherwise you can achieve the same look with fired on enamel over tin for much less $. To warm up a back splash use sheet of copper that can be antiqued, verde,or left natural w/clear coat over it.
    HAVE FUN!!!

  2. Kitina

    Hi Laura, THO looks cozy under its winter blanket. I hope you all are staying warm in this chilly weather. While surfing today I came across that I thought you might enjoy. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  3. I hope you get the heating situation figured out to your benefit before it gets much colder. We are finally getting some snow here as well, probably part of the same weather system.

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