A Beautiful & Practical Addition

I have  been thinking a lot about space at Tiny House Ontario and thought, if I could get rid of the table and two chairs I would have a lot more space to move around.  I looked all over for a table that is the right height for eating and playing cards at the sofa as well as for writing and painting.  I could not find any small tables with drop leaves that are sturdy enough to take daily use.

As you all know, I have a very talented cousin, Vernie, who can build anything.  So I drew up some plans, and he gave it some thought (since I had no idea how it had to be built) and he just finished building a perfectly sublime, sturdy, functional, little drop leaf butternut table for me.

I picked it up today.  I can’t tell you how gorgeous it is, so I took photos.  I makes me really happy to have the opportunity to have Vernie and his family close by, but it is wonderful to have the opportunity to have him build me these custom pieces for my Tiny House.  Having his art around me, makes me feel so totally at home.



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