Fall Drive

My husband arrived in the night with four very happy Tiny dogs who made sure I was totally wide awake before they settled in to nap themselves.  This morning we enjoyed a nice bit of cuddling together and tummy rubs before getting up for the day.  I miss the fuzzy babies when they are not with me.  We took a quick jaunt over to visit my sister and niece Violet and then went for a little drive around to see how pretty the world looks in colour.  I love the fall!

Of the images I share below, there is only one photo which is Tiny House related.  The photo of the plane with corn with the hill of trees behind, is actually the escarpment where THO is built.  You can’t see the house of course.  It is about a half a kilometre back into the tree line.

We don’t have any plans for the weekend and this year I am finding it difficult to plan any sort of special meal for Thanksgiving due to a recent diagnosis of gluten and dairy intolerance.  I am, I guess, now more vegan than I am vegetarian, but I can’t totally commit to the new title because I won’t throw out my leather footwear or protective jacket for bike driving.

I am not sure how we will spend our day today, or our weekend either.  Hopefully we will find something holiday terrific to eat and to do.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!  xo L

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