Standing My Ground

My girlfriend Colleen Murphy was out to visit THO today.  We have not seen one another in a long time, but we stay in touch.  Colleen is a very talented artist and amateur photographer.  It was wonderful to spend the day with my kindred friend.

She took and shared some beautiful photos which I will be posting over the next days.

I am standing here in the sacred grounds, can you find the warrior peaking out of the sun?  This photo is NOT edited in any way at all.





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9 thoughts on “Standing My Ground

  1. Beautiful Colleen!

    • I know eh!? Lucky to have a friend who can take such gorgeous photos! I see you are in Kingston. We have a friend in common. Tina B. Perhaps she would swing you out to THO to see it sometime.
      xo L

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful Colleen!

  3. Yes, it’s there now. :^)

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t see the photo 😦 Looking forward to your pictures and very happy to hear you ladies had a wonderful visit 🙂

    • can you see it now?

    • Thank you, ladies. It is just one of those times where you see a moment, and for whatever reason you stop and capture it, and then later you realize why. I just thought it would be funny to see the sun rays shining through the way they were with her standing there. Little did we know we’d see a warrior in the sun. Kind o’ cool.

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