THO Surprise!

It was a blue moon day.  Tiny House Ontario was there to welcome my arrival, almost as I expected.  She was still Tiny, warm and welcoming.  The scent of wood and white sage were there to greet my nose when I entered.  It was cool and comfy too.  Still, when I went out to the cloth porch there was something amiss… a screw on the cement.  Hmmmm… How did this get here?

Leo!  Leo!  Brilliant Leo!  He slid in and completed THO last weekend.  Now the South side is covered in milk chocolate colored steel and the fascia on the in-house is covered in antique white steel too.   Fantastically, Leo also put the cloth porch back together using the old fabric, so I don’t have to replace that as I had thought.

This was $150 but I gave Leo an additional $20 for gas because he picked up the materials which I did not order the first time.

Now THO is safe waterproof and positively yummy!

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One thought on “THO Surprise!

  1. Hazel

    Heehee…I love that the siding is chocolate! Looks good! Mmmmm…my favourite flavour, I mean colour! 😉

    The orientation of a house is so important with passive solar heat being a bonus in winter. You must find this in the late fall before you leave. We have a southern veranda roof that blocks the sun in the summer but lets it in in the winter.

    Nice to have your cloth room back. It’s a necessity for bug-free enjoyment of the woods, isn’t it?!

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