Forest Light

For those readers who are photographers, you probably shutter… at my photos because of my total lack of skill in this department… and because I always blame my crappy camera.  It turns out the problems are all mine.  Apparently, my camera is not as crappy as I have been telling you!  Sorry!  I am just a terrible photographer!

Up on the narrows a few nights ago I was telling George that I cannot get good photos of the forest light because of my terrible camera.  He explained to me that my camera is a pretty decent one… Illusions shattered!   I showed him the photo I took a few weeks ago which is the only forest light photo that I have been happy with.  George, it turns out, is a man who is seemingly made of light.  He knew what to do!  He told me about the half way button on my camera which sets the light.  I have had this camera for about 6 years and had no idea!

George told me that if I point it at a slightly darker place, set the light by pushing the button half way in and then point where I want the picture to be, then click all the way in, that I should be able to capture the light better.

My current project is to experiment with this technique.


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2 thoughts on “Forest Light

  1. Hazel

    Just found your blog via researching tiny homes. What a grand adventure you’re having!

    We seem to have so much in common: I live in a small, homebuilt cottage on an acreage about 1 hour from Kingston; I’m a vegetarian and a longtime environmentalist; I grow some food (too hot and dry this summer…a climate change issue?!); I find joy and solace in nature; I adore Emily Carr; I love dogs (but am currently dogless); and I so want to build my own tiny house!!!

    It’s so incredible to discover a tiny house up here, built by a woman no less! Thanks for sharing your story. Off to poke around your blog some more. I have it bookmarked!

    • Ah Hazel! We certainly do have a lot in common! Perhaps we will bump into one another one day. You will know me by my photos. Always great to meet likeminded persons. Best to you, L

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