I have heard from friends near Tiny House Ontario that it still has not rained a drop.  The Weather Network calls for rain on Thursday but they have not been right yet when calling for rain.  They said that there would be rain there today, for example.

I am afraid that my garden looks like this (or worse):

I am even more afraid that worried that the trees are still falling and I hope that THO is safe there alone in the drought.

I won’t get back there for a few more days to water, I have no idea what to expect when I return there on Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Worry

  1. Yes Mollie, we are working on it. I think that the eves and rain barrel will go up on Saturday/Sunday of next week. By next year we should have a clearer idea of what we will do next regarding water.

  2. Mollie Herambourg

    I was just wondering if you had thought about investing in a small water tank or cistern that you could sit outside of your cabin and thus have water for yourself and for your garden? The drought has been here and will stay here for a while. In Colorado it is illeagal to have rain catchments so I think about how I will have to get water and store it alot. Good luck!

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