Andre who I re-met again on Facebook a few years ago came to visit Tiny House Ontario last night.  I have not seen him face to face for about 30 years now.  We had been planning on him coming for some time because he is a talented amateur videographer and photographer and he thinks that THO will make for some interesting shots.  Last night, his visit was to “size” it up.  ;-P  He brought his daughter Chantelle and his grandson Andrew out with him.  Andrew reminds me a lot of his beautiful Aunt Cindy, so he will be a stunning grown man in a few years.  Little Andrew played music for us on the stainless steel pot that I gave him.  I bet he is the next Tommy Lee, but perhaps not so Motley.

Just at dusk my childhood BFF Lesley treated me to a pop in and brought her husband Clarence over as well.  YEAH!  We chatted into the night on the cloth porch.  She is just as sweet today as she was as a little girl and her husband too is a smashing great guy!

I am sure I have mentioned that I LOVE to have visitors.  Particularly when they come by in the evenings.  At Tiny House Ontario, where there is no disturbance in the nature of things I can’t help but reflect.  To say that I am fortunate to have the friends that I have is not enough.  I am charmed in this way.

Blessed be, all of you.

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