The Force of Nature!

My husband and I were sitting in the cloth porch this afternoon.  We were discussing plans for the next week because he is away on business and I had to return to Hamilton for the week because there is a list of things that need doing here.  Suddenly there was a HUGE explosive noise that happened not too far away from the house.  I could tell that it was within the property that belongs to us, just South East of Tiny House Ontario.

My husband is not a rural born person and he was puzzled, but I knew right away that we were losing some HUGE trees to the drought.

We walked back through the land.  All of the forest small plants are dead, small trees too are failing.  We found the big tree that we thought had come down but then we saw that not only was one down but quite a few came down.  We lost a lot in last year’s tornado but now one of the biggest trees on the property lost a huge part and there are about 8 more trees that have come down.  We did not stay too long back at the ridge, there was still a lot of noise coming from the trees and I certainly do not want to be under one of those if they fall!

Can you see the tree spirits in the images?

My God!  We need rain.

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