Today is errand day, much to the chagrin of the dog pack who stay at home alone while we run around.  My husband is here so we use the car to do some things that simply cannot be done (or could only be done in several trips) on my bike Baby.

It is not a very exciting topic, none the less, like every house Tiny Houses also require this rather boring but required stuff done.  I think that ignoring this, would be not just inaccurate but also negligent because in my blog I am trying to share what it is like for a woman/writer/artist to build, make livable and live in a Tiny House.

So, here goes!

The steel bits had to be brought to the Kimco free metal drop of on concession.  The recycling too had to come to town and be dropped off similarly, just off of concession at the depot.  I had one small shopping bag of garbage which I dropped into a city can on one of the street corners.  I had to get raw dog food at the specialty store.  I had to do two loads of laundry to wash which I will hang up when I get back to THO.  I also wanted to update my blog and to connect with a friend of a friend who I spoke to yesterday because he is in contact with my late neighbour Dan’s children who are very dear to me and with whom I lost contact when I moved a few years ago.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to connect with them again!  Thank you Ian!

Relatively speaking this is a small list but as always when one has errands it takes a good deal of the day to get them accomplished.

A lot of details.  A little bit to look forward to.  That is about it for the day.

I hope your day goes great!

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