Forest Food

After a few days away, I arrived at about midnight back at Tiny House Ontario.  The thing that I was most curious about is my little garden in the forest clearing.  Was it actually growing and not being eaten by the forest creatures while it sat there unattended to?  I took the LED flashlight that my Aunt Marion and Uncle Mac gifted me and went out to have a look.  I could see that there was green and that the green seemed to be in rows, but could not tell for sure if there was anything really coming up that well, what had taken root, and if the plants seemed healthy.

This morning I got out of bed and practically ran out to see what the garden was up to.

I am pleasantly surprised!  I have a few weeds to yank up, and I have to put up stakes for the pole beans but so far it looks like I might be able to do that 0 mile diet this summer!  Woot!

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    looking good in the forest

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