It is warm and beautiful today in the Kingston Area.  I woke up late at Tiny House Ontario sat and had a quiet cuppa and a granola bar then I did some work around the house.  Before I did this, I took a moment to notice the woods around me.

The outdoor kitchen in the cloth porch is much too high so I took it apart and shortened it 8 inches.

I also moved the left over lumber pile.  I only have about 10 boards there now so I no longer required the huge tarps and I also wanted to move it behind the house so that one does not see them when you drive up.  It helps to make it look tidy.

I also picked up a lot of bits of tiny lumber ends and put them into the former home for the privy.  I taped this closed so that they will not fall our the door and it held a surprising amount.

My husband put some boards up inside of the cloth porch and this makes the interior of the cloth porch much tidier and complete looking.

It has been a busy spring and because there are so many small things to do, I still have not been painting or writing much.

I am so busy that I have hardly noticed the big changes in the forest.

It is lush now… only the prickly canes have yet to fill in.

I still do not know what these are, knowing them only by the local name of prickly pear.  If you happen to be a botanist, I would really like to know the real name of these ferocious, non-blooming canes that look somewhere between rose and blackberry plants.

I am still waiting for my soil delivery so that I can plant my garden and I have a lot still to do, but even so, if Baby does not get back from the shop, I will be forced to go back to Hamilton again for the week.  I simply cannot stay at  Tiny House Ontario without wheels.

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