In-House Adaptation: Already!

I bought a Separett Privy kit a few months ago and installed it at first into a small second hand cupboard that I bought for 7 bucks at a junk store.  I thought at the time that this was very ideal because I could open it at the side to remove soil.  This did not work due to the size of my Tiny in-house.  But with the urine drain coming down so low and being right in the front, it is IMPOSSIBLE  to remove soil from the front if you build it as they show in the diagram below.  You must remove the top and disconnect the urine unit from the exit – even time.  I did not like lifting the lid… while there is no smell the gross out factor is HUGE for me.  I had to redesign and this was not great so I decided on a different option.  Industrial pipe.

The thing about the Separett, is that while is works for the function it was intended for, it was NOT well designed.  I think for the cost they could have done a significantly better job with this aspect, but, then I suppose that people would not buy the more expensive units if the cheapies are great.

I think differently, I think that a good product compels brand loyalty.  For example, I always buy Arm and Hammer baking soda.  I think that most people are the same.

I don’t know anything about their ecological toilets.  Maybe they are the very greatest?  Still,when and if I eventually go that route, I do not feel compelled to look at them first, nor to recommend them, even though the Canadian rep is very nice and my order came promptly with no errors.

So, I made some changes again to the system and will probably do it over again once I see if it works because with the industrial pipe (I) made to fit (what a pain in the ass that was – pun intended) I need a little less space for the top and can regain about 3.5 inches of floor space (by 27 inches).  I think this is ~3/4 of a square foot and this is a huge recovery when once has a 14 square feet of floor space with a sink and toilet in it.

After the pipe was fitted, I had to figure out where the joists were, miss them, cut a hole in the floor with an absurdly dull new $16.00 keyhole saw (which claims to do the job fast).  I also custom fit the catch bucket to the bottom, so the until is full enclosed in and under the Tiny, tiny bathroom.

The good thing is that there is NO SMELL… Honestly.  The coconut husks do exactly what they are supposed to do!

If this functions better well I will change the outside surfaces to a nicer counter top type of surface. If it does not, I am not sure what I will do since I already cut a 10.5 inch hole in the subfloor…

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