Sunday Morning

At 6:45 am, the sun filters into the bedroom window at Tiny House Ontario.  Many birds are singing and the grouse thumps, the temperature is warm but not yet uncomfortable.  The breeze rustles the canopy around us.

“I had a crazy dream last night”, I tell my husband.  I won’t bore you with the detail of it, but the long dream involves rescuing a miniature ape from a helicopter and finding out that it is a very important animal whose hospital wings around the world, are ready for him should anything happen.  Oddly, the ape belongs to my brother and sister in laws who live in Germany, but I don’t know that this animal exists until now.  There is a long snake who tries to bite me but misses and the crash is on my home farm, which is a place which I choose not to be a part of.  It is convoluted.  Still it fills the peace of the forest with a detail of life, no matter how off the mark of reality it is.

We climb down the ladder stairs and I start the propane element on the BBQ for bodum coffee and pat the dogs with my husband while we wait for the kettle to boil.  We settle on yogurt and granola for breakfast, feed the dogs and listen to rustling in the forest.

It is a typical morning at Tiny House Ontario.  There are no electronic interruptions.  There is no news from the outside world.  We know nothing of the last 12 hours as we quietly sit and eat breakfast, chatting.  We pat the dogs some more, laugh at the silly Bad Little Wolf who is harassing his sister and jumping around.  I break the pattern to record this Sunday morning at Tiny House Ontario for you.

I took a clip on this morning from the top of the BBQ with my computer, but I do not know how to upload videos.   Sorry!

Here is a photo of our cloth porch breakfast.

Could you get used to this?

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