The local saw mill has still not been able to get its hands on 16 foot cedars to cover Tiny House Ontario.  Sadly, without any covering she had a little leak this past winter and the interior boards on the North East wall sustained a little bit of damage.  This damage is behind the kitchen cupboards so it does not show… still it bugs me.

Even with this, I still think I want to wait for local cedar (and don’t have any of my own) but I also want to keep Tiny House Ontario safe from the weather.  So… I decided to flash the whole house.  I figure that this can stay on forever and will act as a great barrier against everything Mother Nature throws at a home.

It should cost about $400 to do the whole house.  24 inch wide rolls of flashing that are 100 feet long can be purchased at Home Hardware for a little over $200/roll.  I had used about 35 feet which I bought last year at the base of Tiny House Ontario to keep and rain water away from her at ground level, and also to keep ants out.  So this is what the brown line at the bottom of the house that comes up about a foot from the cement pad is.  This year I bought one whole roll of it and started the process of nailing it on.  I don’t have a bender or anything but since it is not meant to be a final cover just a protection for now, it does not matter if it is a wee bit wobbly.

I have used about a third the roll now and this is where I am so far.  I think it looks better than the Typar, but soon I am going to have to look up Gananoque Home Hardware in the phonebook instead of just looking at the outside of the house.  The top of the house does not have the number because it is a left over and donated bit from Leo.

I think I have enough to get up to the second floor windows.  Not exactly a fairy tale look, but it will do the trick!

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