Guilt Trip

Still no word about Baby.  Apparently the bike hospital cannot figure out what is going on with her.  Even so, I took the train from Hamilton to Kingston today.  I am going on a boat bash with a gang of girls tonight in Kingston.

The trip down was great.  Sat with a fantastic woman, Bonnie, for most of the trip and we had a great gab.  I bashed the monster, which is always good sport even if this is an easy target.  Too, the Via rep was a total sweetheart and easy on the eye, all in all not too shabby!

Forgot my sunglasses in Hamilton and hope that my husband will pick them up for me when he comes tonight… I can’t reach him, but think that time will tell me.

The guilt trip, I confess, is that I had to stop by at Tiny House Ontario.  You see, when I left last Sunday I sprayed for carpenter ants (I hate to do this but the eco traps were not working).   The nest in the dead tree next to the house seems to make them think that Tiny House Ontario is a part of their territory.  I am afraid that if this does not do the trick, I am going to have to remove their home.  I really hate to do this because it brings the woodpeckers and insect eating birds right up to my windows.  I really love to see the birds up so close and personal.

If anyone has and suggestions on how to get RID of ants without chemicals, I would really like to know!  Again… I want to have them as tasty little NEIGHBOURS that bring in birds.  Their home is four feet from Tiny House Ontario.

You know, I really hate to poison them because I think that poisoning is an awful, awful way to die.  Also, I also want to keep the house organic… but I already blew that last week when I relented with poison.  The tipping point, was that I cooked a pot of rice and found that an ant had fallen in and this was gross to me.  Vegetarians also don’t eat bugs – unless they were Starbugs clients that is, because as we now know that company have been feeding bugs to the people who chose to buy $5.00 cuppas for a long time.  Thankfully, I never go there.  So, the pot of rice-a-la-ant went to the compost and I started again.  Propane, water, rice and time all wasted.  As soon as I could I went to Home Hardware and bought some big gun spray… squirted out the stuff for 7 seconds and shut the door and left for Hamilton.

The point, I went to wash the floors and wipe the counters and table so that when the dogs get there, they will not be exposed.  There were about 50 dead ants on the floor.  I was not surprised!  It was absurd how many there were in the Tiny House.  They were crawling out all over the place.  Thankfully when I went to wash up today the only sign of life (inside of the house) was me.  I really hope that this stays that way because I really hate to murder even the smallest of creatures, even those who are intent on eating Tiny House Ontario.

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