A Little Flooring

This is the entry way at Tiny House Ontario.  When I built the stairs with my husband last year I was in a terrible hurry, so I built a square box out of plywood and never bothered getting back to it.  Too many other things needed doing!

This year my husband and I removed it, custom fitted it from the door to the stairs and we got some flooring from Gananoque Home Hardware to put in there.  Nothing fancy!  .49 cents a sheet – 8 sheets cost $4.  plus tax.  The trim was $20… so the foyer was redone in an hour or two and cost about $25.  It wipes up easily too which is great.  While I hate to produce garbage, I don’t think of this as my forever floor, rather as something to protect the 5/8ths of plywood and the 2×10 base..  Still, even though it is not my forever floor, I would be happy if it lasted until all the landscaping and so forth is done.

I do have a plan for good floors to go in.  Matter of fact, I plan to use that big hickory tree that is dying at the front of my land as the floor for Tiny House Ontario, but I don’t want to mill this until it is totally dead.  I expect that the big hickory will do the whole house, easily, but I don’t want to put it in until the very last because I don’t want it to be damaged by the coming and going of construction.

The grubby cement floor and bamboo mat will have to do us this year, in the rest of the house.  Perhaps longer, since I want to hand hew those boards after they are quarter sawn at the local mill.

Anyone ever hand hew a hickory floor?

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