Cloth Porch Damage

After hanging there for a year through the winter and everything mother nature could throw at it, the cloth porch has an eight inch long tear in it at floor level.  I had some red thread on hand and have fixed it up.

I did not see it happen… and I hate to point fingers… but I check it every morning to make sure nothing wild got in and at 10:00 am I caught this one on the other side.

“Do you think the grass looked greener over there Minnie?” I asked.   She claims that she was framed by a one armed man… but she looks mighty guilty doesn’t she?

I took this the day before.  I did not know that she was contemplating her escape… silly me!


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One thought on “Cloth Porch Damage

  1. Anonymous

    OMG…Laura…she is sooo cute…xo…lol…xo minnie…Love Aunt Liisa

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