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I have looked in to putting a small addition on to the Tiny House.  I was thinking about a 4.5×9 foot or 40.5 foot (footprint) lean-to style addition which would have a bathroom with running rain water and I would have also moved the kitchen out there as well so that I could have a little desk under the stairs for painting.  I felt that it was important not just because of the bear that was seen there last year but because a person who strikes me as sort of a weirdo found this website and he feels a little threatening.  I am not too keen on running into him at night with my pants down to tell you the truth.  I think an indoor bathroom has suddenly become a requirement this year.  BUT… Building inspector weighing in and basically the short version of what is said is: “you cannot do this”.  So, there it is.  No addition but you can have multiple under 120 square feet footprint places that are not attached to each other…

Still, I want a bathroom not just for safety reasons but one with running rain water and I need the water from the roof surface in order to collect enough to make this feasible.  Therefore I have to have something close.  I returned to the idea of putting a galley at the front but my friend Liisa stopped by and suggested that I turn it and this was a great suggestion!  Thanks Liisa!

This little semi closed in “deck” 4×8 with a 4×4 footprint bathroom will be right off the front door .  One will have to go outside of Tiny House Ontario to use it, but it will be on a screened in deck with a covered roof and this will be put on deck blocks – unattached so that if there is a problem I can move it.  I know – it will not be easy to move a 4×4 structure but I do have friends with tractors that I am sure will help me if I get into any sort of bind.  I don’t expect any problems because I won’t attach the buildings to one another – I will simply put up a bit of flashing on the house to keep water from going in between where they will meet at the roof (of the covered deck)/wall (of Tiny House).

The GREAT thing is that when my cousin Kenny dug the hole where the gravel was put in and pounded down, he made this quite a lot bigger than the cement would be.  Great idea because the gravel allows for fantastic drainage.  Great too, because now I just have to add the cottage blocks at the correct depth and they should stay put very well, and even if they do sink a bit it is reasonably easy to correct a small structure like this with a car jack.

So far the deck blocks cost me $70.  The 2×4’s were left overs and I have still two more for reinforcing it.  I have to buy some more 2×4’s a used window and door and a screen door as well as some plywood… I have 2×6 and the steel roof already.

I will let you know what it costs and show you more photos when I have this all done.

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  1. Before you get too far along (unless you have already). A suggestion… put a set of runners underneath the structure. They will act something like skis and will less likely harm the structure if it needs moved. Also think of reinforcing a spot to attach a hook and chain from. My grandfather did this to a shed when he was at a cabin in Port Sydney because he was felling trees all around the cabin. He just doubled up some 2x6s and made a set of skis for it. If you did this you would have a true port o potty.

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