The Ancestors Noweta

Before Tiny House Ontario was built, I thought I would build back a lot farther on my land than I did.  Perhaps it was the Pukwudgies, that made me dream about building?   I don’t think so, I feel that the ancestors have a plan for me. I dreamed a few nights before I was to build that my Grandma Moreland was standing there in the forest and she said that I should build it, there where she stood, so I did what she said.

I had been living there about a week last summer and while I sat writing I felt that there was someone watching me.  It did not scare me, but rather I felt it was someone familiar who would protect me, who made me Noweta (welcome).  When I looked up, I saw a face looking at me from a Maple tree that sits VERY close to the corner of the Tiny House.

I call this my Ancestor tree and I give the Ancestor treats like cheese, coffee and tea and I also burn sweet grass and white sage near the base.

This afternoon, I caught the Ancestor smiling at me and I decided to take his photo of the face in the tree and also to take a photo of the tree, from the upstairs window… I was very surprised to see such a straight line of trees in the forest!  Funny that I had not noticed it before but it really is right at the corner of the house so I cannot see in this due South-West Angle, at all, because of the corner beam.

I think I have to give a little bit more research into my Native Delaware Folklore!  Does anyone know about tree spirits?

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One thought on “The Ancestors Noweta

  1. Jimmyjimmydubbya

    Those trees all look about the same age too

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