Tiny House Modification

When I built the Tiny House last summer with my friend Leo’s help, I was in a terrible hurry to get the stairs up.  The have been causing me some grief.  They work just fine.  They are sturdy and as functional as a steep stair ladder can be; however, the fact that they were open and above the kitchen cupboards.  YUCK!   Dust and debris always falls through on the counters.  Not any more!  YEAH!

Finally I got some material and with the help of my husband I closed them in and also made the kitchen a little bit more permanent.  It was NOT a huge job but it looks so much more nicely finished now.  Too bad the counter top is still a couple of inches too short.  But with a kitchen made up of Habitat for Humanities repurposed stuff, I think it looks fine and it feels good to have money go towards such a good cause as well!

I am thinking I will paint the cupboards this year.  Plain white or art?

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