Tiny House Listings

There are a few THO stories that are on Tiny House Listings now, here are the links, if you missed any.

Tiny House Cookin’

That’s Entertainment

Cure the Common Cold

Not Too Bright

After the Art Crawl on Friday I decided to try my hand at a big canvas.  So I bought one and I am painting again today – a HUGE 48×36 inch canvas of THO.  I have only filled in the background colours so far.  Not sure where I will go from here and when I finish, where I can hang this at the Tiny House?  Perhaps as a headboard?  I dunno?  Will it fit up the stairs?  LOL!

36 x 48 inches

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9 thoughts on “Tiny House Listings

  1. I am from south america I love your home. the best for you freedom.

  2. Elisa

    As a child, I used to love laying on the floor and imagine what it would be like to live in the house if it were upside down. I loved this game so much that I eventually decorated my ceiling in my bedroom with my paintings and artwork. My mother hated it (she likes everything to be “normal”) but she indulged my land of imagination. To this day, I still consider ceilings to be one of the most under-utilized spaces for decoration and imagination. Just imagine laying on your floor (or bed) and looking up to find beautiful artwork!

    • Ah, so I see that you are also a creative dreamer who was raised in a home that was somewhat devoid of this. And it is timely that you write to me on this because the canvas is ready and I was considering doing just that with it! Truthfully it is the only place that is large enough. Problem is, I can’t figure out how to hang it on the ceiling without damaging the canvas…
      I will have to think outside my own little box, for a while I guess.
      Thank you for sharing your precious memories.

  3. Oh how I wish I were talented enough to paint. I think this would be gorgeous over the head of the bed.

    • Thanks! This is just a very early outline… There is much more colour already! I like to use the very brightest colours in my paintings. 😀

      • I didn’t realize you had so many paintings, I’ve been checking out some of your art and love the colors.

      • Thank you! I just started painting again last winter. I had not painted at all since my 20’s. I don’t consider myself an artist but I do enjoy it.

      • I just realized that even if I can get it up the stairs it can’t be used as a headboard… the light fixture is on the wall there. Perhaps I can use it in the Hamilton house somewhere? Oops!

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