Hatter’s Bay Country Market

658 King Street West

Kingston Ontario

In keeping with my own beliefs I could not be more thrilled to announce that Hatter’s Bay Country Market has accepted and will display (for sale) my Wolfe Island Series of paintings.

Hatter’s Bay is a local store.  What I mean by this is that it carries local products.  Wonderful candles from a local bee keeper, maple from a local farm, wonderful hand made dog biscuits, made from local products, locally produced and sourced food and of course, local artists work.

It is a gorgeous and unique business where you can stop by as a tourist just to look around, but I am sure that you will find more than one thing that you will want to pick up for dinner.  I also suggest that you pick up a lemon tart which is a fantastic combination of shortbread and lemon.  To die for!

The store is in beautiful and historic Portsmouth Village (now a part of Kingston).  The setting for the Convict Lover which is the story that was written when the writer Merilyn Simonds purchased a home in the village and found a series of letters written by a convict from Kingston Penitentiary and a young girl who grew up in the home many years ago.  If you have not read this, I suggest that you get a copy.  It is an amazingly well researched historical fiction.

I hope you will all pop by Hatter’s Bay and don’t forget to bring your appetite not just for art, but for wonderful local food!  Your dog wants a treat too!  I know I am right, because dogs love Laurie’s dog treats!


Map (Hatter’s Bay is the lucky 7)

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6 thoughts on “Hatter’s Bay Country Market

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  4. newdayrisingisnotavailable

    Congratulations! What a great store by the sound of it. I look forward to sampling it on my next trip to Montreal!

  5. Sounds wonderful! Congratulations! (I sometimes wonder if I should carry things like that in my shop: Smallbones, in Gore’s Landing.)

    • It is a wonderful store that you have there Jane. I just looked you up on Google. Even without visiting there, I think that diversifying locally is always a great option! having a wonderful locally made snack as I strolled through there and bringing home some freshly produced food always drives the experience home.
      When I am up that way, I will pop in and visit you.

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