Painting Process: Tulip Farming

For the last couple of days I was looking around the internet for images of the tulip fields in Holland because I was reminded how lovely they are.  I thought with too with having spring early, that it might be sort of interesting to paint one of those fields. I also thought it might be a fun painting to show to the people who read my blog (or who just look at the photos and paintings) what they look like when they are underway.

So if you read my posts, you will know what I am up to and if you just look at the pictures then hopefully you will see that there is more added later.

Anyway, I will post today where I take the image from, along with the first draft of my painting.  It is just a tiny little 6×6 gallery matted canvas.

First I painted the entire canvas blue – which I regret now because blue is very hard to cover – so on the first good coat of colour the piece is totally dull when compared to the original image.  As I paint more I will post more.  March 31.

Development of colour depth.  April 1 morning.

Some more background colour in and the beginning of the three farmers.  6:00 pm April 1.

Babysitting my friend’s dog.  His name is Bailey and wanted to see what I was painting.  Poor Bailey Blue, isn’t he cute though?  He has beautiful eyes, like the singer Björk, I think.  

A little more work on the details this evening.  April 2

Turns out that this is the fiddliest painting ever!  Looks so simple – a few stripes on a canvas.  Am I right?  Oi Veh!

Finally here it is!

Tulip Farming 6×6

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