Tiny Tiny

Yesterday, when I went to the art store (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), they had a sale on.  If you purchased $100 worth of stuff, you got $15% off.  My total came to $97 so I decided to pick up a few TINY items.  I wanted to get a TINY chisel brush for those little lines that I like so well, but I also thought it might be fun to try tiny canvases.  I picked up a 4 pack of 2 &3/4 by 3&1/2 inch canvases… The total was $98 dollars when I was done with my tiny shopping spree, so this painting does not have much in the way of materials into it!  Either will the other 3 when I do them.

I don’t think that I like painting quite this tiny – even though it is quick.  Here is one of them…

Do you think that something this small needs a name?

Here is another one…

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  1. The winding road……

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