Cement it is

I know that cement is not exactly the most environmentally friendly material.  Still, I am planning on actually keeping this house standing for a good many years, so, I decided on an 11’10” by 8′ cement pad to build on.  I also put in an adjacent one of the same size in as so that I would have an exterior space to hang out on too, where my feet would not get dirty and I could wash my dishes.  There were multiple issues that came up during this.  Issues that I would prefer not to discuss because I am building in a small community – but I will say that this part of the job was annoying and cost me well over double what it should have.  The concrete was $835 delivered and my awesome cousin Kenny dug me the hole in order to bring the ground down to the bedrock.  This cement pad is NEVER moving!  Well drained and I really appreciated having Kenny’s expertise on the land there!  Kenny was also there when the cement truck came and used his bucket to bring the cement in through the woods.

Here is what it looked like in Early May 2011

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