A living working project

I had to get into the tiny house on June 15th because my husband would leave for business trips all summer before then.  Because I only drive a motor cycle I was dependant on him for getting me in there!  Also, I did not want to be stuck in the downtown of Hamilton all summer alone while he was doing his thing abroad.  Better to be home, home, home where the people know my name.

My initial days were pretty rough, for me and the dogs.  Though I did have a clean king sized bed, lots of water jugs, a bbq to cook on, and a little outdoor kitchen set up, I did not have an enclosure for the dogs and the deer flies were just wicked!

June 15 2011

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3 thoughts on “A living working project

  1. so fun following along your project, I started at the beginning, and am reading along….

  2. Bonnie Smith

    I like that your loft is not too low. I didn’t know that the height restrictions were 15’… which actually does give more leeway for a loft (I thought it was 12′ high, which is doable but cramped.)

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