Jump in!

My thumb is now nearly healed but still does not bend all the way and I can’t pick stuff up very easily with it either.  It feels detached from what I want to do still, slow to respond, sluggish and very weak.  It is sort of like another person’s thumb accidentally got sewn on.

I am keeping busy painting while I am here which is about the only thing I can do.  Thankfully it was not my painting hand that was injured.

My latest work is a little more cutesy than my typical paintings.  The reason I chose to paint this is because my cousin’s baby (painted here) seemed to be dropping everything just to jump into the natural world.  I strongly identified with this.  I thought many readers here also would.

Your Little Girl

If interested, prints of this work are available here.

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10 thoughts on “Jump in!

  1. StartingSmall

    Hi Laura,
    I love the thought of what you are doing up Kingston way.
    I have just built my first Tiny House and am looking for a place to park it.
    Any advice? How did you come by your property up that way?
    Are there any more?
    Any help you could provide what amazing!

    Keep up the good work.
    I now follow your blog. 🙂


  2. Laura, that is a lovely painting. I am glad to hear you are healing and hope your thumb is soon working better.

    • Thank you Lois! I have about half the normal function back. It has been about three weeks, so I suspect I will have it all back soon enough. 😀

  3. Elizabeth

    Laura…I think your painting of the beach baby is wonderful!… Hope your hand heals fast and the nerves regenerate quickly!

  4. Hello Laura, This painting is beautiful and although you cant use your hand I admire you for doing it just the same. I wish so hard to find a Tiny house for sale in Hamilton and wondering if you know of anyone. I presently live near Montreal. My daughter will move to your city from Toronto and we would love to be close to one another. I hope that my dream will come true and any kind of information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and wish that your thumb heals real quick, P.S. I do art work as well. Helen


    • Hi Helen, I responded back to you a couple of times already but somehow you are not getting the messages.

      • Hi Laura, – Indeed, I did not receive nor saw any of your replies. I am happy to see this one and don’t understand why I didn’t receive the others. New at this thing. I had just before written you and got a message from wordpress.com … Ouf! so registered again, had to change my pass word… Anyway, maybe I will get it straight one day. All this to say that I am upset that I didn’t get your other messages… I wonder if just for one time if you could write directly to my >>>> email so I would know what to do next.
        Thank a million helen

      • Hi Helen,
        The link for my earlier response is here:


        I actually wrote twice but it appears one of them was eaten by an error somehow.

        To write to me more directly please join the THO facebook page. I try to respond to all people in a timely manner and can use facebook from my phone even when I am off grid. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiny-House-Ontario/328960470451170

        Sorry for the miscommunication!


  5. Quite lovely and take me back to my days of childhood, thank you.

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