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Life Without Water

At Tiny House Ontario how I live is much the same as other people in standard homes, except I don’t collect stuff and I don’t watch TV.  Also, I don’t have any running water.

I mean, I eat, cook, clean, sleep, read, entertain, I have hobbies and I also take care of myself, my pets and the land that surrounds me.  The main difference really between the way that I live in my Tiny House and the way that most people live is two fold, consumption and the time I need to spend on water and bathing.  All aspects of this are more time consuming because I have to fetch it, heat it, and organize for off site bathing.

Next spring a most of this will change!  I now have the eves troughs up and the barrels are purchased so early in the year before the spring rain, I will install two barrels on the roof of the WC so that I can catch my wash water.  I will be installing an enclosed outdoor shower, and I already have everything hooked up in the in-house for the tap to work.

Life will be nearly as convenient at THO as it is on grid!  I only have to bring in drinking cooking and dish rinse water unless we have another drought.  Let’s hope we don’t!

I have space up top for four barrels; don’t worry, when I built I planned for the extra weight being on the top of the structure.   I am planning on installing only two barrels in the spring, to see if this is enough.  If this does not provide enough water for my use, I have a back up plan.  It is easy to add to two barrels later and if I have to do this, I will get a water delivery truck to come.  Certainly with four roof rain barrels and one ground one if is worth the money to have a truck come and for the short term it is much cheaper than it is to drill a well.  Any additional water on the truck can simply be dumped on and around my garden to give it a huge drink.

Here is the roof where the barrels will go.

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