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The Kitchen Update

I started building drawers a while ago, so when my guests were unable to come today, I jumped back into them.  I will refresh by letting you know that I had no idea how to do this, so I googled and figured out the easiest way.  Then I drove back and forth to Rona in Kingston depending on the stage I was at.  The men there were super helpful with the cutting so that I did not have to do it manually.  They have a very accurate sawing machine there.

I did not get the fronts on yet because I needed custom sizes in width, so I brought the lumber down to my cousin Vernie’s shop and he cut them up for me.  Perfect, first time!  I always love to have an excuse to visit him because he has a memory like a steel trap and has always got a hundred interesting stories, along with a lot of skills.  The man is a real life MacGyver he knows how to do everything and can build anything out of a pack of gum and a stick of wood, I bet if I brought him straw he could weave gold… no joke you should see the stuff this man has built!  It blows me away, how handy he is.

The drawer fronts all fit perfectly but there is a small problem with the way that I (not Vernie) built the top drawer, because it does not slide easily and I can’t figure it out so next time a handy person comes by I am going to ask what I did wrong.  Maybe I can even talk Vernie into coming to have a peek at it?  Suggestions as to why a drawer on rollers wants to raise up?  Despite the curious weirdness with the slide I decided that to go ahead and install the knobs, so I could start using them.  The kitchen is well on its way to being done.

I left a little space open in behind the drawer front so that I could hide the aluminium foil in there.  On the other end of the kitchen the useless skinny cupboard is now the perfect place for the recycle, garbage and BBQ tools.  No acrobatics required to reach in and get things from this deep narrow cupboard.  It is a perfect size and shape for this.

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