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Tiny Ten Minute Task

Like everyone else in the world people who live in Tiny Houses wear things out.  My husband’s jeans and my slippers are proof of this fact.


I decided that these could have their lives extended with just a little bit time and effort, so I got the tools I need to do the job.


To fix the slippers which have just a small hole – I used a darning technique that Grandma, Violet, taught me.  Simply… turn what needs darning inside out, knot the thread to the edge of the hole then sew with small stitches close to edge all around it.


If I were darning a large hole I would not have done this, but in the case of this little one – on stretchy slippers, I just pulled the thread, stitched down the lump and tied a knot.  This took me less than a minute.   DSCF4796

Working inside of pockets is a bit difficult so I used an iron on patch and then hand stitched it to make it more secure.  I thought the hole looked cooler than the patch being on the outside so I decided to leave this showing.  After ironing it on I used small stitches all around the hole and then again all around the patch.  This took me about seven and a half minutesDSCF4798

I know that this is not exactly tiny house related, but it does save me money and time.  I don’t have to buy others right away and I used far less time repairing what I already have then I would have used going to the store to find new slippers and new jeans.  As well, I reduced, reused and recycled which is a lot to do with with the tiny house, tiny footprint morality.

So… if you are a math-E person like my husband you are probably thinking that the time does not add up… you are right.  The task took less than ten minutes, but still I had to get the tools and put them away and this took a little bit of time too.

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