Great Clyde Falling

When Colleen Murphy and I walked back through the forest a few days ago, I was surprised to see that Great Clyde, the Tim Burton tree is suffering a terrible tilt.  I did not see it happen so I cannot say for sure, but three weeks ago he was fine.  Old but fine.

Now he is threatening a great fall to the ground.  I am guessing that it was the tail end of Hurricane Isaac that shifted him, this is my best guess.  I hope the his life is not a trade for the recovery of the files from my waterlogged computer (even though I am happy that my files were recovered and loaded well onto my new computer) I am not sure if my writing is worth this loss.  Clyde is so great!

You know, I know he is just a tree in the forest where so many hail.  But sometimes you can see the tree in the forest…  because some of them stand out uniquely against the others. Clyde is one such tree.  I estimate by his size his age is somewhere between 300-400 years of age.  A long liver for sure.  But his age is not the only thing about him.  He is special like Bonnie, who you know and Twerp, who I have never written about, but will.

From the South, Clyde looks nearly fine.

Even the giant hole which was left when he lost a huge limb looks pretty good.  Actually it looks like a nice home for wildlife.

From the West, it is shocking to see how much the balance of weight has shifted.  If I was really great with a big saw, I would climb up and cut off the huge and heavy bow.  I am guessing that the weight of this is no longer balanced with the loss of that big limb.  Even with heroics, I fear that it is too late to save the beautiful old tree.

Poor Clyde.

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Tank Girl Diversions

I am heading back to Tiny House Ontario tomorrow in the early morning.  I understand that we have had enough rain there to keep things going for another day or two so this is good.

I was hoping that when I returned that I would not have to get on my Tank Girl gear and start fighting Water and Power for Our share.  Glad that dystopia was diverted… at least for the time being.  Frankly, life will be easier at THO when we can get a well in.  Though, I do know that I could not water the whole forest and the loss of those trees makes me really unhappy, even though there was nothing realistically that I could do to help them.

For the time being, I head back soon in the slightly softer Tank Girl suit and keep on keepin’on.

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Looking North

There are a lot of ravens around Tiny House Ontario this year.  I am beginning to believe that they are there for a reason.  I think that one of the messages that ravens give is to look North.  They are also bearers of fortune and magic according the book Animal Speak.

Funny thing is, that I just love to look out this window to the North.  I don’t recall doing this so much last year as I do this.

This is taken in the morning while I had a coffee.

Do you find it interesting, or is it just me?


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Tiny House Community: Possible?

I have noticed many people in (and around) the Tiny House community wondering about building Tiny House Communities.  I was out for a little drive around my community and decided to take a few peeks in at the beautiful Rideau Canal.  On one of my stops I noticed a Tiny Cottage community which I realize is simply small rental cottages; however, I wonder since these are already built, would these not be a good location for a Tiny House Community?  I also think that they set a precedence for Tiny House Communities to be allowed within Ontario.  At least in the communities which have allowed these Tiny seasonal cottages.  Any lawyers reading who have experience with municipal building codes, input would be excellent!

Adorable aren’t they?

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Darkness Rising

In the evening just before night, the darkness begins to rise up from the forest floor.

Here is what it looks like to the North of Tiny House Ontario.

Please excuse the annoying sound of allergies in my voice.

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