Snow White Picket Fence

One time many years ago, when I first arrived to live there, I got lost in Munich Germany.  After work I was tired and not paying attention so I wound up on the wrong bus.  At that time I could barely speak a word in German and no one seemed able to help me, so I got off the bus and walked where I thought we had come from.  After walking for a while, I came along to this little cottage style house with a white picket fence all around it.  The entire large garden was landscaped to look like a magical land for gnomes.  There were gnomes doing all sorts of things.  They were crossing little bridges, sitting having tea, digging holes, having picnics, having concerts, fishing, drinking beer, picking flowers – you name it.  The gnomes were doing all the things that gnomes might be doing in a magical little land just beyond the fences of our imagination.

Before that point I had never given any thought to gnomes, but on that day I started to think that there was something magical about them.

I looked for the place many times afterward but was never able to find it and I also can’t find it on the internet.  Today in this age of internet posts one would think that these “Munchner Gartenzwerge” would have at least one shot of them but so far, the ones I find are not of this magical place.

With this in mind you may understand why, when I saw a complete set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for sale for $85 on Kijiji that I made the purchase.  Not only are dwarves similar to gnomes, but they live in the forest and while I am not the fairest in the land Snow White and I share many commonalities.

I had to laugh to myself when bringing them out to THO.  I mean five seat belts in the car and there were me, Hj, five dogs plus Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Try explaining that to the police; thankfully we were not pulled over.

The photo is busy but here they are now at home.  I still have a lot of collecting to do to finish this perennial fantasy garden, but it is coming along.

Fantasy garden at THO



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Dudes Got a Mushroom


Melonie Veenstra, a Kingston potter made a magical mushroom for Tiny House Ontario.  The Gnome gang stole it when I wasn’t looking.  They have been partying since!

This is the story I am sticking too.

You have to find your own humour when you live in the woods.

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I was up around Toronto yesterday morning and I am happy to report that the vegetation in that area is looking downright lush again.  Here in the Kingston area, I think we must have had significantly  less precipitation to carry us through.  There has been rain, as a matter of fact, it is raining today.  Even so, I think this is too late, we have lost a lot of forest here and I also think that it is way too late for most farmers because the root system is dead on so much.  The balance of need was not met.

We have a few red tomatoes in the THO garden but sadly this is because they are dry rotted on the bottom.  The Zero mile diet has been 99% flop.  I know I will find that the balance here was also thrown off, it will have been an expensive year at THO when I finally do the books this fall.

I am lucky that I have more than one option still and am really pretty happy that I put in a back up garden in Hamilton and this is doing really well.  I have had a number of meals from there already and also I have frozen one huge bag of tomatoes and my potatoes and herbs look really great.  While I was there I put away some Niagara freestone peaches too.  I think I will reap a lot of food from Hamilton considering particularly that I have only about 30 square feet of space to grow in at the house.  Still, I feel terrible for my farming friends in this area whose books will be red with the loss.

Back here at THO, here is some rain on what is left of the ant tree.  I would like to put a bird bath up on that post, one with a drain, so I am hoping I can find something which fits here easily. I am in town now to post this and also to get two 2×4 boards for a small project.  I will write about what I am doing when it is accomplished.

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