Kitchener… Lets do it!

Do you want LEGAL tiny house community in Kitchener???

Well you are not alone!  In May of 2016 I was contacted by a person who works for the City of Kitchener, she let me know that this city REALLY WANTS a tiny house community to be developed. Over a hundred comments came in from people who want to make this happen.  We even had a potential investor and this fell through because no developer came forward.  While I am NOT a developer and I sure as heck don’t have money to purchase a 600K property, get it zoned, developed and so on… I certainly want to have one of these communities in this area and I would purchase a lot and build there!



Now it has been about two years and nothing is happening!

I have 700,000 people who read this blog and I ask each of you to donate $5 or $10 or whatever you can afford… DO this IF you believe that there should be a legal place for tiny housers to live.  For the cost of a Starbucks coffee you could be building a community.  If you think you would want to (and can) live in this community let me know and I will be sure that whatever you donate will be considered a deposit for your lot.

What I envision is lots size would be 25×56 feet, houses would not be allowed to be larger than a 500 square foot, footprint, plus single garage.  These houses would never be allowed to grow beyond 500 square feet.  The lots would be privately owned but people would act as a collective corporation so that all services can be incorparated.  In other words, water, sewer cable, wifi, electricity and the running of the central building,  which would have guest rooms, laundry facilites and a large meeting room would be covered by a small condo fee of less than $100 a month.  It would also cover snow and garden maintenance as well as the central building maintenance.  Each house would be on the grid connected to the central system of the central house.

You do not have to want to live here, just to believe in this as a cause!


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7 thoughts on “Kitchener… Lets do it!

  1. Gerry

    It may be difficult to keep the cost of a Tiny House tiny when developing a property according to city and provincial laws…something to consider.

    • Stand alone homes in very rough condition in the area where we are considering start at around 350K. What the objective here would be is to have beautiful tiny houses in very classical styles that start at around 50K and go upward from there depending on the finishings.

  2. Heidi

    Hi Laura, how are you finding out about this Tiny House community that’s to happen in K-W?
    I really would like to know when this starts and how I can be a part of this, as I want a tiny house.
    Please email me as soon as this starts up.

    • I heard from a person who works for the city almost two years ago. They told me that Kitchener wants a tiny house community and is waiting for a developer to put one forward. I made this public as soon as I had the information but so far no one has come forward. I am simply sick of waiting so I hoped that I could get this going with the help of donations from my readers.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s long over due and now that there is this break through, please keep me in the loop as I so want to be apart of this community. I have been alone for over twenty years and really need to be apart of something that is at the core of so many like minded people.
    I would love to have a little piece of garden, a place where my two pups can maybe run free in a fenced yard. A Tiny House community in the city I grew up and have lived in all my life sounds amazing.
    I am so happy to hear/read about this break through…this is great news for 2018

  4. David Christen

    This is a groundbreaking idea. I am in. Just joined and will be donating.I’m also a builder and would love to be involved in helping to construct the community. Thanks David 

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