Fred’s House Dec 15

Donations total: $1668*

Cost of materials: $1603**

This is what Fred’s house looks like now:


December 15, 2014

So, we currently have $68 to put toward the items that we do not have.  Which are:


propane tank and fuel

pipes for venting the heater

thimble (which is the part where the heat vent goes though the wall)

gas line

kitchen cupboards (24 inch max) lower and upper would be nice.

butane cooker

butane cartridges

a pot

a cup

a bowl

a tub to wash dishes in

a tub to take care of personal hygiene


*Plus roughly $300 in materials by Lowes, solar light and chair by private donation

** Returned ice and water shield because I had enough left over from a previous project so I donated this.  Also I returned a few pieces of wood.  The total of these returns was $93





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2 thoughts on “Fred’s House Dec 15

  1. Hello – Denis Calnan here at CBC trying to get a hold of you. Can you please email me at ****** or call ****** as soon as possible.


    Denis Calnan

  2. mary

    wonderful…x uplifting xx

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