Spring – Not Quite

Hj and I took a drive down to Tiny House Ontario last weekend.  We wanted to try and do a couple of things and to check the place over.  When we arrived Guillaume was there with his friend J.  Great to see them after so very long – and he had a wonderful gift waiting for me too.  He chose to go with the cube stove out of Montreal and when he ordered the stove he thought of me and bought and extra set of tools.  This is not just a very thoughtful gift, but useful too!  It really is time to get that stove in – I can’t wait to try these babies!!!

Thank you Guillaume!

Thank you Guillaume!  These are just gorgeous and useful too… I love useful gifts!

We hoped to get the rain water catchment system all hooked up but unfortunately it was a heck of a lot snowier and colder there then we hoped.  Kingston is only 1° north of Hamilton (about 110 km); even so, they are four growing zones colder than we are here in the banana belt.  In Hamilton the crocus flowers are up and the forsythia is burgeoning; in Kingston area there is a foot of snow still.

Our most recent rescue, Dieter out for a little above the snow jaunt.

Our most recent rescue, Dieter out for a little above the snow jaunt.


The garden barrel being connected by HJ.  Just tie the rock to the chain and we are done!

I guess this will have to wait!

I guess this will have to wait!  With that ice hanging I am sure the barrels will freeze.

The icicles hanging from the eves trough made me realize that I had made the trip to connect the water, a little bit too soon.  Still we placed the gardening barrel and hope for the best. One of the other reasons that we had come was to put the solar panels back up.  Guillaume dug the snow out around them so that they would thaw, and we wanted to assess the damage and get them reconnected if possible. It was a lucky day when I met Guillaume, who is both an awesome, and reliable friend.  Thanks Guillaume! Fortunately the battery is still working and giving power to the house.  The wires did not snap.  The system went right back up with no trouble at all.  The unfortunate thing is that one of the panels got badly smashed at the back. The totally weird thing about the panels tipping is that there were rocks on the base and these are missing.  I am not sure why anyone would steal a bunch of rocks but we put a couple good sized ones that were uncovered back on the base and hopefully this will hold it in place until I can dig a bunch more up after thaw.



Thanks for digging this out Guillaume!

Thanks for digging this out Guillaume!

I am not sure if the broken panel is working at all, time will tell if I need to replace my panels this year or not. The other good news is that the house looks good!  Another winter with no damage and I think we don’t have any mice in the house this year… just in the in-house so I still need to fix this in 2015.  Always a job waiting, right?

THO in the clear blue sky

THO in the clear blue sky

The sofa is still comfy if I could get there!

Come sit on the sofa with us… we will make space for you to cuddle with us!  From top to bottom, Imp, Minnie, Rudigrrr Wolf, Honey and Dieter.

Come sit on the sofa with us… we will make space for you to cuddle with us! From top to bottom, Imp, Minnie, Rudigrrr Wolf, Honey and Dieter.

And HJ is so glad that I am almost totally recovered.

My H

My H

Now we will head out off for a walk.  I am doing roughly five miles of walking a day now.  It won’t be long until I can lift stone – I am sure! Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.  Today I am celebrating good health! xo L

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20 thoughts on “Spring – Not Quite

  1. Laura, I send you multiple gratitudes and a standing ovation. I read your comments and questions and responses made by you and others. I am delighted to have discovered this site. I am grateful for the discussions. I am receiving answers to the many questions that have crossed my mind about living in a tiny house. I am new to the discovery of this. Thank you for sharing enlightening conversations. Information is power as is living simply!

    • Thank you Catherine, for your very kind words! What a very nice message to find waiting for me! ❤ Kind regards to you, ❤ L

  2. It is a bummer that the solar panels got cracked, but I can understand that things like that can happen. But good job with your tiny home

  3. Lise

    Enjoy read all of you

    • Thanks Lise! ❤ Laura

    • Judith O'Leary

      Hi, Laura. I’ve been reading your posts. Laura, why is it that municipalities would want to prevent a person from building a tiny house, or living in an RV, in the person’s own woods, out in the country. I understand why you couldn’t just do that on a residential lot in town, but within a self-owned wooded property, not particularly on view, no close neighbours around, I don’t understand what the problem is. Do you know the rationale for the by-law? Possibly there is something I’m overlooking. Judith

      • I will respond to this with a bit of a double whammy. I see absolutely no reason why tiny houses should not be perfectly fine in the city or the country. In the city they would have green space around them even on the tiniest lot and there is absolutely no reason why they could not be hooked up to municipal taxes.

        The rationality is the same for both the city and the country – there are two main reasons. The first is the mistaken assumption that tiny houses are not safe. This comes from the long ago days when people had to heat with fire – and if a place was very small and packed with stuff then it could be a fire hazard. This obviously no longer holds true.

        The second assumption is also wrong… Municipalities feel that if they allow only huge houses to be built then their municipality will attract more wealthy people who have more money to spend. The reason that this is wrong is because people typically stay within the area where they grew up, they are attracted by great neighbourhoods, good schools and nice homes. People who live in large homes often can’t afford to participate in their community because they are bogged down by bills. In areas where houses are smaller, like in Saskatoon, you will find that the cafe’s restaurants and gathering spots are full with people. The truth is when families right size their home to their income, they can do a lot more and enjoy life a little more.

        So you see, you are not the only one who is overlooking something… most of the powers that be are drastically wrong.

        What a pity,
        Kind regards

  4. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better health wise–but so jealous that you have crocuses already in Hamilton….it will be May before we see them here. Sorry to see the cracks in the solar panel…who would do that???

    • I am pretty sure that the panel was cracked from falling… the thing that hold is came part and I think when it tipped over on itself the steel bar hit the glass…
      Still… where in heck did the stones go? Perhaps the Neverending Story passed through and a rock biter got them… That is my best guess – every other thought on the subject is even more preposterous.

      Xo L

  5. Julia

    Enjoy your blog very much. Delighted to hear you are on the mend!

  6. Laura, it’s good to hear you are doing better. Why would any one steal your rocks around the solar panels? You would think the panels would be worth stealing more than some large rocks. I hope your panel still works.

    Your couch doesn’t look like it has much more room for anyone to have a seat but it does look comfy. And I just have to add that your photos of snow have made me feel much better about our strangely cold weather, at least the snow is gone.

    • Hi Lois! Nice to hear from you!

      It is strange, about the rocks, isn’t it? I don’t have a clue where they went! I mean they can’t get up and walk away on their own… but they are clearly missing…

      HAHAHA! Right you are! Not too much room on the sofa, but if a human tries to sit down they move over and then climb right on top of you as soon as your butt hits the fabric.

      It is a cold spring this year I think. Hopefully this sorts out sooner rather than later! ❤ xo L

      Hope you are well and looking forward to the warmer days. xo L

  7. Enjoyed the article a while back about you and Tiny House etc. in The United Church Observer IT WAS AWSOME! HAVE BEEN REALLY ENJOYING THE SUBSCRIPTION TO THE OBSERVER MAGAZINE SOME ONE GAVE ME!?. . I THINK i KNOW WHO IT WAS!———————– t h a n k s!

    • Thanks for the heads up on it. I had totally forgotten to look for it. It was not me that got you the subscription, but I am glad that you are enjoying it. Best to you! ❤ Laura

  8. Wow! I just love THO. You have terrific friends and I sure love ur doggies! I’d love for my yurt to meet ur THO. Canada is gorgeous and we (my son & I) LURV roadtrips. Be Well & Travel light!

  9. Looking good.. Love the puppies on the sofa!

    • They say woof woof (which I am sure means, thank you for your love, we love you right back)! ❤

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