Winter End Check up

The sky is crying because it knows that THO is sad to see me go

The sky is crying because it knows that THO is sad to see me go

I was at Tiny House Ontario last week, but had a medical crisis and thus headed back early to Hamilton.  We had intended to stay until Wednesday afternoon, but due to my health, my husband had to pack everything up on Monday evening for us to rush back.  It was raining like crazy when Hj, the dogs and I pulled out.  Unfortunately, the medical stuff was serious enough that I was unable to fly to Memphis; but fortunately it is nothing terminal – just painful and annoying.  More than that though, it was a sad disappointment for me to miss my first ever tiny house event.  I strongly hope that any of you who had tickets were not even slightly disappointed by my absence.  The nice thing is that Deek ( has another iron in the fire, so hopefully I will be able to meet the community later this year and perhaps some of you as well.

I am sure that there won’t be a bit of snow left when I return but of course, there should not be anyway.  The area where the house is is under flood threat and a few people have asked me if the house is at risk, but it is not.  I am way up on a hill and because I am on well faulted limestone bedrock, the drainage is excellent.  I am 100% sure that THO is a dry.  The only weather condition that ever gives me any pause is wind.  This is because I have so many trees large surrounding me there and the ground is shallow above the rocks.

Now that I am feeling slightly better, I will head back up on Easter Saturday and stay there for ten days until my next medical appointment.  I really want to spend the Spring Equinox, Ostara, and Earth Day there in my woods.

Here is a painting that invites me to enjoy this season, I look it up at this time, year after year.


Also, I do have an other little update… During the three days I had at the house, I noticed that there were a couple of tiny problems that happened this winter.  You can read about this at Tiny House Listings.




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7 thoughts on “Winter End Check up

  1. mary

    Get well soon Laura. Thank you for the moving and mystical image….an adoration by animals…surely a reflection of your own inner beauty and spirit!

    • Thank you Mary! It is gorgeous isn’t it? I so much wish that I painted it. It is one of my favourite works of all time.
      xo L

      • mary

        Welcome! Yes it is inspiring. Thanks for getting back to me…I’m going to look at your original artwork again….to see if this piece has maybe influenced your stlye. Do you enjoy Turner and the old masters? I Love images that display colour and wildness including the impressionists, Monet and Manet.

      • mary

        grand ma’s gift is lovely as are they all. think i may choose something for my house project when its finished x

  2. The DC

    Sending prayer and healing thoughts your way for hopefully a speedy recovery, my friend 🙂

    The DC

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