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I am back to work after a bit of a hiatus.  The cloth porch is looking better bit by bit.  I guess it is about 2/5ths level now after spending a few more hours on it.  I still need to get a little more rock but have not been able to do this because of work being done at the quarry.  I can’t gain access.  Thankfully my brother-in-law is willing to keep the truck on the road for a little while longer so I can get this done (I am paying for the insurance).  Thanks B.I.L!  You are awesome!  Patio as of  July 31, 2013

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3 thoughts on “Updated Image

  1. Very cool living-life; thanks for sharing! You are living my dream… but i am taking steps to make it happen. At this moment i am in Northern Ontario.

  2. That is really coming along, it adds so much character!

  3. ILt’s looking ;great Hard work though i bet!

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