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I know there are thousands and thousands of causes out there.  Some close to home, far some human, some animals, some medical, some basic needs… it never ends and fatigue is so high.  Now and again one gets under your skin though.

Today, this was something that profoundly affected me.  I learned about a shelter in Greece that is now feeding about 200 dogs.  Suddenly and without notice the government cut off ALL funding that was coming in to care for these animals… and the dogs are in danger of starving.

It has been being run by an elderly woman (who has another woman there helping now).  The old woman was starving herself in vain to try to save every cent she had for these poor animals.  Until the dogs are all adopted the situation is critical!

I am not earning much money but I was able to put off a project and squeezed to make a small donation and I am asking if you can too?

They are asking for a couple of dollars a week… but I gave a one time donation because as an artist I never know how next week will be and last week I sold a painting so I know I am okay for a bit.

Here they are on Facebook.

Here they are on the WWW.

Here is the place to make a donation.

Please help if you can.

Peanut's Place of Promise

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2 thoughts on “Peanut’s Place of Promise

  1. How sad, budget cuts always hit those least fortunate. Why can’t we decide to treat all living beings as equal.

    • I agree. It is horrible. Sadly it always comes down to survival of the fittest and animals are at our mercy. The terrible thing is that there are not enough merciful people with a little bit of spare money to go around. It is always the same few percent who donate to causes.
      I see that they started with nearly 270 dogs and now the have about 200 so the problem is getting smaller but surely starving them is not the answer. After all, it is not their fault that the economy in Greece (or the USA) is slow. For this we have greed and banks to blame.
      xo to you Lois,

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