Sew Nice!

Okay, so the truth is, I have been holding back on you.  I can sew.  Please don’t tell anyone!  It is a secret because I find that if you tell people that you sew, they always want you to do their mending and hem their pants.  Truthfully, this is not the sort of stuff I like / want to sew and I have a hard time saying no because it really is simple for me… It is just that don’t enjoy it.

What I love to do is projects!  I like picking out fabric, making a pattern and sewing up something from my own imagination when the mood strikes me.

When I was first out of school I worked in a dry cleaner’s as a seamstress, so I was a professional seamstress at one time.  More than this, I can draft patterns,  tailor a man’s suit jacket and sew things as complex as a wedding dress.  I had very accomplished teachers!

Anyway, a while ago, my friend D mentioned that she needed a crate for her dog and on Sunday a rescuer friend L gave me a heads up about a crate for $10 at the Salvation Army, so I skipped down and picked it up.  I decided to pretty it up as a Christmas gift.  I made a cover, a cushion and two matching little blankets.

I think this beats a Christmas gift from the mall, hands down!


As things turned out D did not need it after all, but there was a terrible fire on King Street and a woman named Jen lost everything including her dog crate.  Synchronicity?

I brought it over for her dog Riley.  On the way I stopped at Pet Value on Wilson Street in Hamilton to get a few other things too.  I told them what I was shopping for and they handed me a nice big bag full of treats and food!  Yeah Pet Value!  You really rocked the day for Riley and his mom!

March... Riley is enjoying his grate!

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5 thoughts on “Sew Nice!

  1. Fantastic gift! I’m sort of like you. I can sew, but nothing as elaborate as you can do, but sure enough every one comes to me with their mending. What happened to figuring it out? I’ve offered to teach my one daughter-in-law but she says she would rather I do it as she’s sure she would mess it up. Ugh! One of these days I’m going to teach her!

    • I know that you are a project person too, so it does not surprise me that you also sew. People like us always learn to do so many things that other people can’t be bothered to learn. I am glad that I am this way and I imagine that you are also glad to be a Reniassance woman even though it often makes us the “come to” people when something needs doing.
      Normally, I really don’t mind… it is just after the first 400 hems, there really is not much interesting about it… like being asked to come over and make your neighbour’s bed. ;-P

      • Okay I would be very surprised if someone asked me to come make their bed 🙂 but good analogy. the funny thing about me is I was too busy to want to learn any domestic “chore”. I was too much the tomboy who wanted to be outdoors. Later I realized that knowing a few of these domestic jobs could help me to live the life I wanted.

        My other talent which is frequently asked for is hair cutting. I used to be a hairdresser in my younger years, so all of a sudden people now want me to cut their hair. I don’t usually mind, but some days it does wear on me and I just don’t want to do it.

  2. Wonderful – lucky dogs! Love your blog!

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