1 Year & Change

Cecilia Pink ladybug first birthday cake

Today, Tiny House Ontario’s Blog is 1 year old.  So many things changed for the Tiny House over the past year.  The additional features are an in-house, siding, electricity, eve troughs, built in kitchen (partially complete), semi cover the porch and the beginnings of landscaping.

THO started the spring looking like this:

April 2012

THO closed off the fall looking like this:

November 2012

It is interesting for me to see the images close together like this.  I find it hard to believe that the house changed so much!

I wish the best to all and take a moment to thank you all for reading and commenting on Tiny House Ontario’s blog.  I have been continuously surprised at the readership, because I started this blog to keep my friends posted on what I am up to.  Having had close to 6000 reads a month on average, I know my readers go well beyond my own community.  Proof, I think, that the best things come in Tiny packages!



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One thought on “1 Year & Change

  1. macpen

    Hi, Is Ontario Like Ontario Canada… if so where about are you living. Did they give you much hassle.

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