A Whiter Shade of Pale

I am back in Hamilton and I am sick today.  Not sure what it is really.  All, I know is that I don’t feel awesome.

It is not all bad!  One of the nicest things about having a pet is that they always stand by when you need them.  Or lay on top of you… same thing, right?

I am dead pale…

This reminds me of the Irish sunbather.  😀

Have a good day all!

xo L

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6 thoughts on “A Whiter Shade of Pale

  1. Colette

    I am so happy to be reading your blog….. I also live in Eastern Ontario and my dream is to live off the grid in a small home similar to yours…. I am oh so inspired…..Thank You for sharing….I hope you feel better soon. A new admirer…..

    • Thank you Colette!
      It is feedback like this that keeps me going. Encouraging others to take the leap to lead the life that they dream, while taking this journey myself; this is huge… I know a lot of people might think it is Tiny…. but of course, the BEST things come in small packages.
      Good luck to you!

  2. Hope you feel better soon. yes, pets are unequivocal givers of succour, and it’s a good thing, too. back 25 years ago when I felt awful and was pale, was diagnosed with AML. I hope in your case it’s merely a seasonal dyspepsia that might clear with a spate of sunny days. Cheers! G

    • Thanks G,
      I am glad that you got through the AML. I imagine the treatment was pretty harsh 25 years ago and you still have residuals from this treatment.
      As for me, I am not sure what my body is telling me, but I sure did not like how it let me down yesterday. Today, I am still not feeling any too hot.
      xo L

  3. disabledcyclist

    Wow,I missed the sunbather until I read it (no…I wasn’t gawking :P),she’s PALE!

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