Remembrance Day Sunset

The sunset at THO on 11.11.12 was very unique.  I took a lot of photos of it, in hope that many would be better able to convey the magnificent closure of Remembrance 2012.

I take the day to remember those individuals whose lives are and were impacted because of war.  I believe that any person who thinks, suffers because of war.  But in the scope of suffering even our worst thoughts cannot bring to us the greatness of suffering, experienced by those who are first hand touched by war.

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2 thoughts on “Remembrance Day Sunset

  1. The Tiny House with the sunset is so pretty. I can see why you love where you live so much.

    • Thanks Laura! You must be missing your Tiny House really badly now. I hope the winter flies right by but is filled with lots of fun and love. xo L

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