Feral Cat Tiny Homes

The feral cat colony is not totally homeless now.  As a matter of fact they have wonderful insulated Tiny Houses thanks to Hj, O and I.

After googling and googling, I found a few great ideas and sort of developed a plan based on other people’s ideas.  We got some coolers at Canadian Tire, punched holes in the sides with a drill and then jig sawed the holes (EASY) then we put in a section of a stiff plastic plant pot.  These pots were free and are thin enough that they flex to fit the imperfect holes I cut.  After I pushed these in tight, I caulked them in both inside and outside.

After this, we bedded them with straw, put in some fresh catnip and treats to encourage them to come in and closed the lids.  We then brought them over to the location, placed them up on rail ties, put on some roofing material and another rail tie on top then covered this with sticks and debris.

Hopefully this is enough for the colony to have dry and warm homes this winter.  It is supposed to be a long hard cold winter according to the farm almanac, and this might save them from preventable suffering.

We also had a great bonus!   O caught one of the cats!  A gorgeous orange boy.  He is part of the colony but not a feral, rather a more recently abandoned and absurdly skinny boy.  She just lost one of her beloved pets to old age so this lucky boy she cuddled right up to and took him home so that he will have the experience of being loved by a human being who really cares for her pets.

So, there is one less cat to house and to worry about!  Thank you O for being so kind to animals.


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One thought on “Feral Cat Tiny Homes

  1. disabledcyclist

    That’s a very neat idear! 🙂

    The DC

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