A famous quote attributed to Katherine Hepburn is: “If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.  I think that this is a very accurate statement.

Myself, personally, I have always been an outsider. I know full well what it is like to be the only person in the room who thinks about things in the way that I do.  I suppose that living my life as a veg*an is a perfect example of this, so too is living in a Tiny House, being a feminist, being a writer, (having been) a single mom, being a person who for two years does not “work”.  It is not unusual for people to lack the ability to put me into a neat little box and this has always been the case with me.  Even when I was the kid I was visibly (in)different.  It is not my goal to be like this, I think it would be far more comfortable to fit in sometimes.  But it is rare enough that when people find themselves in me, that I find it exciting to think… perhaps this year might be the year that I get to blend in a bit.  It just seems so much easier to blend.

Different from the norm or not, there are things that are important to me: loyalty, gratitude, friendship, family, being creative, living in a democracy and also being able to just take a moment out of my day, no matter how full it is, to take in something beautiful.  Right now, Ontario is extra gorgeous.  Today, I was North of the city on Montreal Street.  I had a full day of driving my cousin around, discussing politics with one of the Prison Farms protesters, doing some volunteer work for a person with limited literacy, researching the Hinton train disaster, writing, missing a meeting to discuss fund raising for an agency in Kingston (rescheduled for tonight) and also spending an hour visiting with my sister and Tiny Niece Violet, it was not exactly a slow day.  Still, these refresher moments are so important.  Not just for artists, but for everyone.

The point is, I stopped just for just a few moments to witness the peace and beauty that was offered up to the multitudes who just drove by.  Even though I don’t “work” I think that I needed this.  I hope you took a moment today too and if you did not, I hope that my moment has enough breath left in it to be shared with all of you.

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2 thoughts on “Pleasure

  1. Hi Paul, it is great to (virtually) meet you. I agree with you. Living on the outside is often times where you find thoughtful people. Though – I am not sure… which came first the thought or the outside/the chicken or the egg. I am also good with being who I am, though I still find it quite difficult to deal with people who do not accept that I will never be them.
    xo L

  2. I’ve found that different people tend to be thoughtful people. I commend you for being different, therefore, thoughtful. (Well you certainly come across as thoughtful.)

    I’m a gay, atheist, vegan, feminist, “hippy” so know very well what it is like buck tradition and to be outcasted by various normative groups. But I’m okay with that. I’ve arrived my philosophy through much introspection and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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