House and Home

It has been a couple of days since I last posted.  Basically, I have been at the Hamilton house working on my family tree stuff and fretting about the dental surgery that I will leave for shortly.  If all goes well I leave to go back to my beloved Tiny House Ontario tomorrow morning.

I think that this is what she will look like when I arrive only perhaps a little more fall like?


It is a funny thing because THO feels like home to me more than any other place I have ever lived, yet she is still so far from being finished.  Still, there are a lot of small jobs like eve troughs to the water barrels, covering the cloth porch,  flooring, stone patio needs laying, drive needs 5/8 stone on the drive and so on and so on.  This list of small but time consuming jobs will never end.  This is part of what I like so much about it.  I love projects.  Still there is HUGE/EXPENSIVE stuff too, that has to be done. THO has no heat, no kitchen appliances and only partially finished cabinets, no water running or otherwise, these take more time because of the cost.

I am nearing the second year of work on THO and bit by bit she becomes more complete, to be sure.  This year she got a lot of time and attention from me because I did not produce much in my creative life after my computer accident.  Still truthfully I did not spend as much time there as I wanted to.  Baby being broken twice, as well as visitors here in Hamilton, and a trip home for medical and another now for dental turned the 30 potential weeks of THO stay, into about 25 weeks there.  Missing 5 weeks of the year is a lot!  Next year I hope to do better.


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2 thoughts on “House and Home

  1. Hi Laura. I sat beside you the other night at the Kingston Writers’ Festival (Sister Pauline Lally was on your right and I was on your left) as Carol Off, Mark Kingwell, Michelle Landsberg and Jamie Swift conducted their fabulous panel.
    I am intrigued by your tiny house. Might be a story down the line for Kingston Life magazine. I would never “out” your location but I love the idea of living small. You must know the book Small Is Beautiful?


    • Hi Lawrence,
      It was a great panel, I agree! I am glad that Tiny House Ontario catches your interest. I would be willing to have you do a story with those conditions. May I email you at the address that you have included here, so that we can correspond off my blog wall?
      xo L

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