Upper Kitchen

I am sorry that I have not posted.  It has been awkward not having a computer.  Still there is good news!  My camera and card reader dried out and now work!

I have now got power in the kitchen.  The outlet now works and so too does the kitchen light.  As well, I have started building in the upper cupboards.

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3 thoughts on “Upper Kitchen

  1. I’m so glad you got some of your stuff back! I thought of you the other day, I am in the process of transferring my work over to a cloud data backup system. I couldn’t help but find it a genius invention when I remembered your story, have you looked into a cloud system for backing up your data? I bet the free version of Google Drive or Dropbox would be enough to save your writing. I am still so bummed for you!

    • Hi Macy! How are you doing? I hope you are recovering without any glitches!
      I am still not sure if they can get the files from the computer. Crazy thing is, that I actually own a back up driver but I never bothered to do it.
      I think that I will not put this task off again!
      A hard lesson, learned.
      Don’t be bummed for me… there is a silver lining, I am sure… I just have not found it yet.
      xo L

      • Awww, good attitude! I am doing great now that I finally got some real work done on my house! It feels good to be at least semi-back at it! I will keep my fingers crossed that some files can be recovered!

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