Sands Mud Bog

I took the day off yesterday.  Spent the day with my dad’s side of the family at the Sands Mud bog, North of Battersea.  Talk about a total hoot!  It is a family/community event that is held every year.  It was the first time that I have been able to make it back and I can tell you that I am not missing it again unless I am too old to get into the back of a truck!  The family and thier community are just so much fun!

Lots of people – a beer or two were enjoyed.  The laughter was as loud as the trucks in the bog.

Sadly, I forgot my camera so I had to steal a couple of pics from my cousin A.  Hope that is groovy with her as a truck tire in the bog.  The John Deere truck is her baby.  She is a dead awesome bogger!   Uncle Steve would be huge proud!  I have to tell you that it makes me really sentimental.  I am thinking that the rainbow that popped up just as the bog ended was more than a little symbolic.

Thanks to my cousin B and C who hosted this brilliant event!  Glad to be invited!

After the mud bogs I went to another family event (Mom’s side).  While there, I mentioned that I had enjoyed a totally awesome day at the mud bogs.  A lady who was there stuck up her nose and said “I don’t see the point, this is a stupid thing to do, it just ruins the soil in the bog, so loud, so futile… blah, blah, blah”.  I was not prepared for anyone to be such an argumentative, negative, arse-pick.   Seriously… with the way that the land is being taken over by housing?  A mud bog does significantly less damage than one single McMansion and I can assure you that this one gave pleasure and a community event for about a hundred or more people… hard for a person as uptight as that to understand laughter and community participation is my guess?

You can’t make everyone happy and I have to say that if I am picking who to have fun with… well you know the answer, I am getting in the truck going to Battersea and I am wearing my rubbers too.

I wonder what the other Tiny Housers did this weekend?

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One thought on “Sands Mud Bog

  1. I think that fuddy duddy needs to wear her ass for a hat!

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