Little Pink Houses

I really like this little pink house and not just because it reminds me of John Cougar (before he went back to Mellancamp) and my youth.  The way that this central pink house is similar to THO and has has grown organically into a small house makes me wistful and wishful.  I don’t mean for this house but for my own Tiny House and what is in its future.  This one is for sale in Illinois for $38,700 and on the water and you can see a lot more photos at the link.  I really like it, even though the additions are not exactly the way that I would do them if I am ever able to add on at Tiny House Ontario, but then how we do things is very individual!

I have mentioned before on here that I would like to have had a 300 square foot house but the under 108 square foot (foot print) was defined by building codes.  You can’t always get what you want… but even so, what I am really strongly hoping is that before I make my move to THO that these size restrictive codes will have changed.  I would love a 200 foot addition on the front from the roof line out, with a bathroom, laundry room and kitchen.  I would want this addition to be made from Timber frame from our own logs, straw-bale and glass with proper stairs to the loft because I am not getting any younger!

I am a long way away from this – still have to hook up the solar and come to understand how it works year around.  Too with the lack of heat, water, the indoor functional kitchenette and a husband that is a long way from wanting to retire I am stuck between two lives.  THO has a life that I want but can’t quite attain, and one that I want rid of that has things in it that are required.  I guess I have to keep on banging away and working on more things than one.

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2 thoughts on “Little Pink Houses

  1. Hazel

    What a steal!!! Especially with the location on the water and the wonderful outdoor spaces. Every small house gives me new ideas!

    I still think the way around these archaic building codes is to build separate living spaces and join them together. 😉

  2. Velda

    Pretty house although I would have preferred purple 🙂 and yes your stairs are scary lol

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