Two Little Showers

There was a little rain last night which brought cooler air with it.  The comfy rainy morning sleep made me stay in bed just a little longer.  Rudigrrrr Wolf woke me by barking and jumping on my head.  I knew that he had to go badly to the bathroom, so I pushed my groggy head up and off the pillow.  Pulled myself up, shuffled over to the stairs and leaned to pick him up and carry him downstairs.  When I lifted him up, he started to pee.  He peed over the floor, the stairs, the other dogs and me.  Poor Bad Little Wolf waited a bit to long to wake me up.

So, I had to wash the dogs a little, and because I was already bugging them I decided I would clip their nails and put on their Sentinal since these are things that they hate and I thought I would bug them once large instead of three times small.  I also put my jammies and towels into a laundry bag and bring them to be washed.  I decided to throw them in at Liisa’s.  She is at work.  When I arrived there, two nice juicy piles of cat vomit where there waiting for me, one on the entryway mat and one on the way to the laundry room.  So I cleaned that up.  Well, I picked up the vomit off the door mat and floor and threw the mat outside for Liisa to deal with.

Then I drove to town to get dog food.  I  arrived at 9:30 am to do a bit of on line stuff, check my bank account and found that $400 was taken for a “loan payment” from my account.  FFS!  What a morning!

Visibly freaked out, I ran to the bank only to find that the money that I thought had been stolen was simply a little extra transfer that I had made to the mortgage and they changed the way that they code it.  Nothing missing but my pride, since I went in there at about a billion miles an hour with my freak on – heart pacing…

So what I am saying is that it is not yet noon, and I have been yelled at, jumped on, peed on, vomited for, robbed and humiliated.  I wonder how the rest of the day will unfold?

Too funny to keep to myself.

Here are the rainy lovely morning trees.  Peace out…

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One thought on “Two Little Showers

  1. Velda

    lol you crack me up. I still love the wolf even tho he peed on you 🙂

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